Personal data policy for processing guest, customer and supplier information

1. Data controller

Hotel Hillerød is the data controller.

Hotel Hillerød contact information is:

Hotel Hillerød, Milnersvej 41, 3400 Hillerød, phone 48240800, email, contact person Katja Slüter.

Hotel Hillerød handles all personal information in accordance with applicable personal data laws.

Hotel Hillerød enters into agreement with guests, customers and suppliers for delivery – purchase and sale – of various services and products.

When a guest / customer orders and purchases one or more of Hotel Hillerød’s services, and as part of this, submits his / her personal information to Hotel Hillerød, this also gives his consent to the guest / customer / supplier’s personal information being processed by Hotel Hillerød.

The same applies to any personal data that suppliers to Hotel Hillerød A / S submit to Hotel Hillerød in connection with the submission of offers or the conclusion of agreements.
2. Hotel Hillerød collection of personal data

Personal information is collected by Hotel Hillerød as follows:

When a guest / customer – or a representative of it – chooses to collect offers and / or buy one of Hotel Hillerød’s services / products, or when a supplier submits or sells products or services to Hotel Hillerød.
From B2B market.
Through browser cookies and web beacons.
In connection with the use of Hotel Hillerød’s digital services.
By participating in Hotel Hillerød’s customer / loyalty program and by subscription to Hotel Hillerød’s newsletter.
From social media, advertising and analysis providers as well as public records.
Via video and TV monitoring.
When suppliers enter into agreements with Hotel Hillerød or make offers to Hotel Hillerød.
Collection and processing of personal data, cf. the above, will always take place in accordance with applicable personal data laws.

Video surveillance there, is set up in the lobby and at the reception is done as part of crime prevention and also functions as a safety-building initiative for employees and guests.

3. Information that Hotel Hillerød collects

Hotel Hillerød collects the following personal information:

Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth and other ordinary non-personal data.
Payment card details – typically as a guarantee of a reservation and for payment of stay.
Demographic information.
Purchase history including the use of Hotel Hillerød’s digital services.
The use of Hotel Hillerød’s customer / loyalty program.
Information from Hotel Hillerød’s customer surveys.
Information from any competitions offered
Information from Hotel Hillerød’s social media and other digital platforms belonging to Hotel Hillerød.
Browser Information.
Information about the guest’s / customer’s business and relevant contacts.
Information about the supplier’s business and information on relevant contacts and key persons including key accounts.
A guest / customer or supplier may, voluntarily and at his / her own discretion, provide Hotel Hillerød with additional personal information which he / she considers may be of significance for Hotel Hillerød’s service / service to the guest / customer / supplier, or that the person in question believes should be provided for security reasons.

This can e.g. be information about:

Special food preferences
Other health or medicine information
If a guest / customer / supplier chooses voluntarily and at its discretion to provide such information, Hotel Hillerød considers this to be a consent to be able to record and store these sensitive information about that person.

In addition to the information that Hotel Hillerød receives directly from guests / customers / suppliers, Hotel Hillerød will in some cases obtain or process additional information received by Hotel Hillerød from third parties, for example. a travel agency, another intermediary or an employee of the company where the data subject is employed.

Where this is the case, the third party concerned is obliged to inform the guests / customers / suppliers concerned about Hotel Hillerød’s terms and conditions and Hotel Hillerød’s personal data policy. It is also the responsibility of the third party concerned to ensure that there is the necessary legal basis for the collection and processing of the information in question, including obtaining any information. consent to the processing of any sensitive information.
4. Payment card payment

Hotel Hillerød uses DIBS (Nets) to redeem payments with payment and credit cards. DIBS and Hotel Hillerød are approved and certified by the Banking Institutions’ Payment System (

For bookings and bookings, Hotel Hillerød stores the information that the guest / customer / supplier has provided for up to 6 months, after which the information is deleted.

In addition to handling the order, the information provided is only used if a guest / customer / supplier, for example. Asks you with questions or if there are errors in

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